What you doing up there Kali?
Kali swings in the breeze
with the greatest of ease!
  • Stall governed electronically with emergency band brake tripped by over speed or vibration
  • Excellent low wind performance - cutting in at 2.5 m/s
  • Excellent high wind performance with no foldback
  • Low noise, even when running on the governor
  • Inherent power transmission up to a kilometre with standard 3 phase AC wire
  • Sixteen step output control to allow taper charging of batteries, or micro grid interface
  • No bulky shunt load is needed to dispose of surplus power
  • Turntable centering mechanism which prevents cable twist up without slip rings
  • 20 metre tower which is transportable, manually erected, and has only four cables
  • Alters between 48v or 110v output
  • Lightning toughened, with triacs as control devices
  • Power from a 240v backup generator can be fed into the wind transformer which acts as a high power factor battery charger
  • The controller/transformer from the wind machine can be used to achieve a high efficiency, low cost auxiliary power unit consisting of a variable speed prime mover (diesel, steam etc) coupled to a three phase induction motor
  • Yaw rate control with spring loaded tail so as to reduce blade stress

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