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Mt Burrel
First run June 1996.

mtw3.jpg - 4007 BytesErected on Mt Burrel in the mount Warning caldera, (northern NSW). It is a 48 volt machine running the farmhouse which has always been wired for 32 volt and was run by a Dunlite wind system thirty years ago. The difference between 32 and 48v is disposed of in some big old Ni Cad batteries from Rainbow Power Company. When the wind blows this wastage is immaterial. When becalmed the old 5 hp Lister diesel carries the load. This has not been very often.

REBUILT in 1999 This machine was used to demonstrate the advances in design resulting from the involvement of Energy Australia in the wind technology evolution. In particular the machine now has the very beautiful tail and cowling parts fabricated from connically rolled stainless steel. Also there is the new tail fin hinge and a succession of different blades tried out. Another innovation now part of this machine is the 24 volt controller. This modification means that the machine can run as part of a large 24 volt PV system. The inherent power transmission in this wind technology makes 24 volt systems practical, and desirable now that big inverters can be obtained in lower voltages. mtw2.jpg - 9559 Bytes

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