Our flagship product, the 5 metre turbine is currently out of production after a decade of poor economics for small wind turbines that saw some companys close, and some move offshore. We still support the ten of our turbines still in existence and also service other brands and sell small Chinese machines.

Our turbine was conceived as a standalone machine with good performance in varying conditions. Issues of accreditation and the design of subsidies have put small wind at an unfair disadvantage against photovoltaic generation in this market.

But we are thinking of redesigning our turbine to suit the current niche of economic viability which has become small gridfeed renewables which attract an amazingly high feed-in tariff. In the interests of history we are leaving the product information up on the web:




Flowtrack at Venus Bay Flowtrack Wind Turbine is a 5KW, up wind, horizontal axis, two bladed machine. Completely designed and manufactured in Australia, the Flowtrack combines the computerised aerofoil design of the blades from Newcastle University, with extremely robust inductive generation.

A NEMA standard induction motor provides the 3 phase generation with the advantage of no slip rings or brushes, eliminating the need for maintenance in this area.

Transportable and manually erectable, the 20 metre tower is guyed by four cables to the half height point.

An extensive use of generic parts - metric bolts, common semiconductors, NGK bearings, and NEMA standard induction motor as the generator, assures ready obtainability.